Book of Trades

The book "Het Menselyk Bedryf" (Book Of Trades) was published in 1694. It contains a collection of engravings from Dutch artist Jan Luyken, and illustrates trades from the late 17th century. Each picture has a moralistic verse with it. Engraving is a printing process in which the lines to be printed are cut into a metal (usually copper) plate. The pictures of which some like the Copperplate printer, the Baker and the Apothecary have world-wide fame, are of exceptional quality.

Jan Luyken

Amsterdam born artist, engraver and poet Jan Luyken (1649-1712) was a very important etcher in the period after Rembrandt. His artistry is distinguished by its clarity and detail. Luyken is most famous for his picture-book "Het Menselyk Bedryf". His son Casper (1672-1708) assisted with the making of the book.